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Customized tooling solutions for thermoplastics,

thermoset, die cast, and die stamping.

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Welcome to Convenio.

Convenio packages customized tooling solutions for thermoplastics, thermoset, die cast, and die stamping.

We’re a select group of expert mold and die builders. Together, we offer decades of tooling experience and proven expertise, plus global resources — ready to bolt on to your operations.

The industry experience that goes into Convenio tooling solutions

We have decades of design, engineering and manufacturing experience — in thermoplastics, thermoset, die cast, and die stamping.



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Rich Martin talks customized tooling solutions with MoldMaking Technology’s Editorial Director, Christina Fuges, in MMT Chat

Rich Martin, President of Convenio Technologies, joined good friend and industry champion Christina Fuges in this episode of MMT Chat. He explained the thinking behind Convenio — a group of experts offering single-source solutions, from launch to production.

Whatever it takes

Looking at a new program? Convenio tooling solutions add the key strengths your company needs. We're ready to do whatever it takes to make your program a success.

Thermoplastic, thermoset, die cast, and die stamp tooling solutions

Convenio is an ideal partner for companies with solid manufacturing that need expert mold and die builders. We add engineering, feasibility studies, design development, and manufacturability — for a tooling solution customized for your program from launch to production.

We’re big enough to handle major programs, but small enough to build working relationships and personalize our customer service.

Customize your Convenio tooling solution

Convenio packages the capabilities of select U.S. companies to build thermoplastic, thermoset, die cast, and die stamp tooling.

We customize your tooling solution with any or all of these capabilities:

  • Project management
  • Engineering
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design development
  • Manufacturability — verification for design and parts tooling
  • Manufacturing — support capabilities
  • US, Asian, and European manufacturing

About Convenio Technologies

We’re a small, select group of mold and die builders, working as a group or independently, depending on your needs. Our principals combine 70+ years of experience in thermoplastic, thermoset, die cast, and die stamp tooling solutions.

When you work with Convenio, you add expert design, engineering build, and development processes through final approvals.


Rich Martin, President, Convenio Technologies

Rich Martin

President — Convenio Technologies


Rich has 40+ years of experience in tooling operations and management. He’s worked in engineering, account management, marketing and sales in thermoplastics, thermoset, and die cast.

As an expert in the mold and die building fields, Rich can help manage your single mold programs or multi-mold million dollar programs from concept to product launch — with design, engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance.

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Brian Dillaber VP — Convenio Technologies

Brian Dillaber

Vice-President — Convenio Technologies


Brian is an engineer with 30 years in tooling, fabrication, manufacturing, and metalworking. His experience includes product design and engineering, tooling, metalworking, project management, business planning and strategy, and sales.

Brian manages programs from concept through production. He’s an expert at part and product integration, working with multiple stakeholders and leading teams through materials selection, prototyping, and production.

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